We present our assessment of the short-listed candidates to the client and discuss further to draw up meeting schedules. With debriefs and reference checks happening simultaneously, we arrive at the selects. Offers are worked out in collaboration with the client. Throughout the process, we anchor the relationship with the candidates and help them set the ‘right expectations’ about the process, the role, the support systems, and the offer. With our 30-60-90 days’ touch-base plan, the whole process typically takes 8-12 weeks.
At SaaSPack, we invest in understanding the context of the client, the organization’s structure, the role to be filled and its context. This understanding is captured in a document and forms the basis of the next few steps in the search process, followed by the premier staffing companies in India.
Based on the brief prepared earlier in the process, we create a plan to identify the possible matches. We review this plan with the client and co-create it. Then, we plan the communication with the potential candidates. We get into the next step, talent attraction, followed by talent assessment.

SaaSPack HR Advantages


• Robust assignment tracking Process.
• A special 2-member team working on each assignment.
• Use of data sciences and analytics to match roles with candidates.


• A strong research team with exceptional market intelligence to give you the best service among the recruitment agencies
• Internal Knowledge Management Framework.


• Consultants professionally qualified with experience in the respective domains for providing you a detailed and customized experience.
• Proven expertise of having recruited top management hires, especially for several ‘unmined gems’ of the industry.