SAASPACK is sensitive to the fact that in addition to Flex Staffing, organizations also need value-added services beyond employee engagement, performance management, talent pipeline management etc. In such cases, we bring in a dedicated team for them; they operate out of the customer’s office/ location and do everything for that client – for the line managers, HR team, finance team, legal team and all the temp staff of SaaSPack working there; they bring in higher efficiency in staffing and a significant increase in productivity.

SaaSPack HR Advantages

Rigorous management of compliance and risks

  • Domain experts carry out payroll and all compliance matters to ensure that there are no errors and all risks are managed appropriately.
  • Our client focus ensures that we align with the specific requirements of each client around their internal processes.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

  • The right selection of candidates using our expertise and unique matching algorithm.
  • Transparent work processes using technology that lead to a huge reduction in queries from employees and line managers.
  • Quick resolution of queries, if any, and thus, preventing the wastage of your precious time. 


  • Customer Delight
  • Leadership by Example
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Pursuit of Excellence