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AJILE is the complete agile project management app in Salesforce Cloud. It provides Powerful Platform to manage Projects that are being developed using Scrum methodology.

Project Teams use AJILE to Manage releases by creating User stories, manage tasks using Scrum methodology and deliver projects on time. AJILE is custom built product to facilitate Project teams to adopt and implement Scrum Methodology. Chatter helps the team to communicate and collaborate comfortably and efficiently.

Create User Stories Anytime Anywhere using Mobile Devices Run Sprint Grooming, Planning and Daily Stand up meeting using custom UI’s Collaborate using Chatter and Manage using Burndown and Velocity Charts

Do NOT have Salesforce? No Worries !!

AJILE can be implemented by all customers. Our OEM Model helps non-salesforce customers to Implement AJILE as a standalone application. There is no need to buy any additional salesforce licenses.

Role-Based Home Page

AJILE addresses the needs of the different personas in the agile software development process. Home pages are designed to display the entities specific to the roles. Users can login and get the full view of their current tasks and their related data.The view helps the team members to start and access their artifacts from single page.

Drag and Drop Tasks

User Stories can be assigned to different Sprint Teams easily by using Drag and Drop feature. Similarly, Status of the Tasks can be modified by moving the tasks to a different status column.

Daily Scrum Meeting

Team members can update their tasks status by moving the tasks from one status column to another. Team members and mangers can view the task board to get the summary view of User Stories for a team member, Scrum Team and Sprint. The UI provides all the key features to run the daily scrum meeting.

Burn Down and Velocity Charts

Programs and Releases can be managed more efficiently using Burndown and velocity charts. The dashboards reflect the data in real-time and there is no need to generate reports. As the team members update the status of the User stories the values reflect immediately in the charts.

Intuitive User Interfaces for Sprint Grooming / Planning

User can select the Sprint team to run the Sprint grooming sessions for the team. User Stories can be moved around and assigned to different sizes. Team members can be assigned to user stories. Mouse over on the notes icon displays the full description of the user story. All of these activities can be done from a single view.

Other Cool Features

  • Business users can create UserStories anywhere by using the mobile app.
  • Scrum Team members can communicate with team members using Chatter. The team communication is not shared with other teams.
  • Complex requirements can be managed by defining multiple levels of User Stories.
  • Scrum of Scrum model helps the organization to manage larger projects by defining multiple releases, Sprints, and sprint teams.
  • Color coding of the User Stories based on Status provided the visual clue of the status. This simple feature provides the summary view of the underlying status of each user story.

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